Family Owned and Operated by the Scott Taylor Family

Our family has been in the business of servicing the Verde Valley trash needs for years and look forward to the opportunity to continue to service all your commercial and construction waste and recycling needs.

The Scott Taylor family has lived by the motto, “Your garbage is OUR business” for as long as we can remember!  Scott knows and loves garbage and has been in the business and lived in the Verde Valley for 28 years.  He first came to work as a driver in 1984 for his brother, Glenn who had started Mountain Waste here in the Verde Valley.  He served the community for 15 years while working for this brother in this capacity.  After Glenn sold to Waste Management, he continued to work for them for four years.  It was during this time that Scott knew that he cared about customer service and community worth much more than what could be provided in his current position with Waste Management.  He started Taylor & Sons in April of 2004 as a family owned and operated business.  His wife, Natalie works in the office, while Scott drives, does routing and customer service and their son, Trenton drives and delivers.  This personal setting allows the Taylor family to insure that their customers get the best service possible, and any issues are dealt with personally and in a timely manner so that all can benefit.

This family loves to give back to the community where their roots grow so deeply.  Whether it’s donating bins for cleanup or charitable events, or providing monetary contributions to all schools in the area, Taylor and Sons is there to support and celebrate with the community that they serve.  They live by the belief that supporting our hometown businesses makes our community strong and builds unity.

Their goal is to take care of customers on a personal basis.  When you call the office for information, there is no “middle man,” just family… plain and simple.  It’s a business about heart, soul, family, community, and above all:  happy customers.

Taylor and Sons Hauling looks forward to the opportunity to serve you.